WDGC 2016 – Round 1 Results

The first round of the World Deaf Golf Championships is now completed for all divisions: Men, Ladies, and Senior Men.  The tee-off started on the 1st hole instead of the split fields on 1st & 10th tees, which happened at previous WDGCs in 2006, 2008, 2012 & 2014.  The day was quite long for players who started after 10:30 am.  The weather was very warm in the morning; however, in the afternoon the wind picked up that gave several golfers – mostly men – some challenges on some holes.

IMG_0758Overall, everyone has had their challenges and hope to improve their play in the 2nd round.   The leaders of each division are:  Allen John of Germany at even 72 and leading by 5 strokes; Leonie Warringa of Netherlands (pictured on the left) at 81 and leading by 6 strokes; and  Charles Mikker of Netherlands at 79 and leading by 1 stroke.

John used to be a professional golfer and retired from golf for two years.  This allowed him to become eligible for amateur competitions including the WDGC.   This is his first participation at the bi-annual event.

Warringa was the Ladies’ champion of the 2012 WDGC in Japan – her first WDGC.   She placed third at the 2014 WDGC.   This event would be her third consecutive challenge and she is proud to carry on under the Netherlands banner.   Her strong focus throughout today’s round has proven her as a serious contender to stay in top positions into the final round.

Mikker is competing in his second WDGC; his first participation was at the 2014 WDGC where he placed 3rd.  He scored four birdies in the back 9 to break 80 that Mikker remains a serious contender in the Senior Men’s championship.

For further results of the 1st round, please visit the GolfBox website to view all players’ scores in all four rounds: http://www.wdgc2016.com/tournament/ 

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