WDGF attends the Golfers with Disabilities Symposium

The R&A hosted the Golfers with Disabilities Symposium in St Andrews on 11 and 12 of December 2017.  Various speakers from around the world engaged with delegates on issues ranging from modified version of the Rules of Golf to barriers for Deaf golfers.  Simeon Hart, WDGF President, was one of the speakers and represented WDGF in the delegation and in outreach to fellow delegates.

The topics were mostly focused on developing and advancing golf for people with disabilities as well as for Deaf golfers.  Speakers and delegates were more supportive on focusing on each golfer’s abilities rather than disabilities and ensuring the sport of golf is more accessible and inclusive for everyone.  As well, the delegates agree that opportunities should be given to people including people with disabilities enjoy golf in any form.  Some of delegates have informed Simeon that they appreciated learning more about Deaf golfers.

Quote from EDGA via Facebook posting:

[su_quote]Simeon Hart of World Deaf Golf Federation made an excellent presentation at the R&A Symposium on Golf for the Disabled, on the barriers for golfers with hearing loss, from coaching/learning, shot feedback, sharing info with golf partners, access to club meetings, and even the social side (19th hole). Lots for rest of us golfers to learn on a hidden disability for many. Simeon gave examples of how golf had helped mental health and confidence for those able to take up the sport with the right support.[/su_quote]

The WDGF presentation included sub-topics:

  • Background of WDGF including the WDGC history and future events
  • Deaflympics
  • Audiogram: the eligibility of Deaf Golfers to play in international events
  • Barriers for Golfers with Hearing Loss
  • Mental Health

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About WDGF

The WDGF is a non-profit organisation aiming to promote the sport of golf among deaf and hard of hearing golfers in the world and to oversee the World Deaf Golf Championships. The bi-annual World Deaf Golf Championships is awarded to and hosted by a member country with the support of WDGF members. Deaf Golf Ireland (DGI) was awarded the winning bid of WDGC 2018 at the WDGF General Meeting in 2014.