Spring/Autumn 2016 Newsletter

The Spring/Autumn 2016 newsletter is now available through at this link. The highlights are: Countdown to WDGC 2016! WDGC 2016 Preparation WDGC 2016 Player Statistics WDGF TD's Directive Handicap Certificates Audiograms WDGF General Meeting 2016 Golf in Deaflympics Featured Stories WDGF ... More

Summer/Winter Newsletter 2015

Here are the highlights of the August 2015 newsletter: WDGC 2016 - One year to go! The Cost of WDGC 2018 WDGC - Dublin Ireland - Carton Hall 2020 WDGC - England Golf in Deaflympics Email Update New Look Website EDOGC 2015 - Norway National Deaf Golf Tournaments around the World WDGF 2014 Final ... More

Video Newsletter – March 2015

Greetings!! Here is the video newsletter presented in International Signs (IS) by Gavin Balharrie, the WDGF Secretary. Here is the transcript of the video newsletter : Welcome to Spring 2015 Edition / Update from WDGF. You may all recall Simeon Hart's video update just prior to Christmas 2014. WDGF has still ... More

World Deaf Golf Newsletter – Autumn 2014

Here is the newsletter of the Autumn 2014 with the following highlights: 1. WDGC 2014 Summary 2. Post WDGC 2014 News 2. WDGF Board Roles 3. R&A Meeting on December 12th 4. WDGC 2016 Denmark 5. Golf in Deaflympics 6. News of our Deaf Golfers 7. Euro Deaf Open 2015 8.  Website & Email Notification Ha... More

WDGF Newsletter – March 2014

The March 2014 edition newsletter is now available for a reading! Here are the highlights of the newsletter: - WDGC 2014 - Exciting Times Ahead! - Important Dates - Audiograms & Handicap Certificates - WDGF Membership Fees - 2014 WDGF General Meeting - R&A video in British Sign Language - Golf in ... More

April 2013 Newsletter

As spring is in the air in most nations in the northern hemisphere, golf clubs are taken out of the storage for the new golfing season!   Some countries are fortunate enough to have golfing year round! The WDGF is proud to present the latest news!  This edition is brief this time around, but good news all around. ... More

December 2012 Newsletter

Greetings from the WDGF!  Here is the latest version of the WDGF Newsletter. The highlights include: - 2012 WDGC Summary - 2012 WDGC Organization - 2012 WDGF General Meeting - Anti-doping Update - The Future of the WDGF - 2018 WDGC Bid - New WDGF emails As everyone is getting ready for the Holidays season ... More