August 2012 Newsletter

The August 2012 Newsletter is ready for your reading.  If you or your colleagues would like to know when the newsletters and other postings are made on the website, go to the "Subscribe" section on your right and submit your email. Highlights: 1. Final confirmation of the WDGC Entry at the 2012 WDGC 2. Anti-Dop... More

April 2012 Newsletter

The April Newsletter is now available!    The golf season is coming to an end in the southern hemisphere as it is becoming the start of ritual in the norther hemisphere.  Elsewhere in warmer locations where golf is available year-around! The highlights are: - Reduced Green Fees @ WDGC 2012 - Reminders from the ... More

October 2011 Newsletter

The October newsletter is now available for your reading! Highlights: 1.  WDGF's 1st Congress Attendance 2.  WDGF Board Meeting in London, UK - July 2011 3.  ICSD President meets the WDGF Board - July 2011 4.  2012 WDGC Update 5.  2012 WDGF General Meeting 6.  2014 WDGC Update 7.  WDGF New Member Next ... More

June 2011 Newsletter

The June Newsletter is now available! The highlights of the articles are: 1.  Japan's 2012 WDGC 2.  2011 Congress Update 3.  2014 WDGC Update 4.  2011 Golf Tournaments around the World 5.  Scotland's WDGC 2010 report 6.  Deaf Golf Australia News Happy golfing this summer! More

January 2011 Newsletter

Here's the latest newsletter! (Low resolution (367 KB): click here) Highlights: 1. Looking back at 2010 2. 2011 ICSD Congress - Slovakia 3. 2012 World Deaf Golf Championships website is now online! 4. 2014 WDGC Update 5. WDGF Board Profile Happy Golfing! More