Hole-in-One Records

As of July 18, 2014 only two golfers were able to achieve “hole-in-one” score at a WDGC.  They are Brian Maher of Scotland and Patty Lopez of USA.

In 2008, Brian Maher of Scotland scored a hole-in-one on the 3rd hole of the Quarry golf course. The first hole-in-one in the WDGF history was achieved at the Joondalup Golf Resort in Australia.


Brian Maher was holding the ball that scored the hole-in-one. Celebrating with Brian are his Scottish teammates (l to r) Ross Spiers,, Mark Lothian, and Ian Kennedy.  Photo credit:  Arista Haas


At the 2014 WDGC, the first-time lady golfer, Patty Lopez became the second golfer in the WDGF history to achieve the hole-in-one.   Linda Kessler Nelson of the USA was on hand to photograph the moment. Patty went on to score the record breaking final round score of 70 to win the Ladies’ Championship.