Press Release – Golf in Deaflympics

Press Release – Golf in Deaflympics

Press Release – Golf in Deaflympics

In response to the ICSD updates regarding the Planting Ceremony for a new golf course:

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At the invitation of the ICSD, WDGF has been in discussions regarding the inclusion of Golf in the Deaflympics.   Here is the timeline and details of correspondences:

1 – WDGF will be supplying the Technical Director to oversee the running of the tournament at the Deaflympics.

2 –  The ICSD intends to have Golf as a demonstration event at the 2017 Deaflympics at Samsun, Turkey followed by a ‘full’ medal event at the 2021 Deaflympics.

3 – WDGF was invited by ICSD and the Organising Committee of the 2017 Deaflympics, to attend the TD meeting held at Samsun on 21-25 October 2015. WDGF was unable to send a representative.  As there is no golf course in Samsun, the Organizing Committee is involved with the development of a new golf course.  The agreement with the Organising Committee is to set a date in the near future to inspect the golf course upon the completion of the construction.

4 – The Organising Committee held a Planting Ceremony to celebrate the launch of the golf course development.  The development plan involves a nine hole course.

WDGF has conveyed to the Organising Committee and ICSD that the 9-hole golf course does not meet the requirements for a Championship course to host such an important tournament, and will continue to monitor the situation and keep members informed of any updates.

5 – WDGF has proposed to have a meeting with ICSD during the 2016 World Deaf Golf Championships, to discuss the path ahead towards inclusion of Golf at the Deaflympics.

6 – Most importantly of all, WDGF intends to set some time aside at the WDGF General Meeting prior to the 2016 World Deaf Golf Championships for the discussion of the qualification, standard of handicap, and format of the tournament at a Deaflympics.  With this discussion, WDGF intends to achieve an agreed consensus on the Deaflympic format.

A video will be posted, in early November 2015, on the WDGF website and the Facebook page in regards the above.

If you have any questions about the above, please do not hesitate to contact the WDGF at [email protected].

Video Update in IS:

Golf at Deaflympics – Press Release from WDGF board on Vimeo.