Nominations 2018

Nominations 2018 is due on June 21st.  Please check the video by Simeon Hart, WDGF President to explain what is expected of a new Board member joining the WDGF Board.   Please note that three people are leaving the WDGF Board at the end of the 2014-2018 term. Nominations 2018 from WDGF board on Vimeo. More

WDGF Board Nomination for the 2014-2018 Term

Nomination papers for the 2014 to 2018 term have been received from the following people below.  Attached are the background documents for each nominee. - Arne Lundquist - President, Director - click here for his background. - Don Conway - Vice President - click here for his background - Anders Hillding - ... More

WDGF Nomination Form for the 2014 – 2018 Term

As per March 2014 newsletter, on page 2:  This coming 2014 WDGF General Meeting will include an election for a new four-year term, 2014-2018.  Here is a new nomination form.  The following positions are available for the election: - President - Vice President - Secretary - Treasurer - Board Members (3 positions) ... More