WDGC 2022 Bid Awarded to Australia

Australia was awarded the WDGC 2022 bid on July 21st 2018 during the WDGF General Meeting after the membership approved of Australia’s presentation of their official bid. The bid package was jointly developed by Deaf Golf Australia and Golf Australia and included letters of support and details of the venue to host the ... More

Farewell Messages from Outgoing Directors

While the WDGF Board of Directors have new acquired three new Directors on July 21st, the membership and the continuing Board members will miss their colleagues: Anders Hillding, Arne Lundquist, and Ole Artmann as they have retired their voluntary roles on the same day. All of the outgoing Board members have shared ... More

WDGF Board Elected for 2018-2022 Term

The WDGF held its quadrennial election during the 2018 Biennial General Meeting at the Carton House, Maynoonth, Ireland on July 21, 2018. The new term for the Board is from 2018 to 2022. For the first time in 12 years, the Board of Directors is undergoing a major change in the composition. Three of seven Directors have ... More

Nominations 2018

Nominations 2018 is due on June 21st.  Please check the video by Simeon Hart, WDGF President to explain what is expected of a new Board member joining the WDGF Board.   Please note that three people are leaving the WDGF Board at the end of the 2014-2018 term. Nominations 2018 from WDGF board on Vimeo. More

President’s Message – 2018

In this message, WDGF President Simeon Hart provides the annual review of WDGF activities and upcoming in the new year.  Highlights include Deaflympics 2017, attending the R&A Symposium for Golfers with Disabilities, working with the Ireland 2018 host committee, the ICSD TD appointment for golf, the planning for ... More

WDGF attends the Golfers with Disabilities Symposium

The R&A hosted the Golfers with Disabilities Symposium in St Andrews on 11 and 12 of December 2017.  Various speakers from around the world engaged with delegates on issues ranging from modified version of the Rules of Golf to barriers for Deaf golfers.  Simeon Hart, WDGF President, was one of the speakers and ... More

WDGC 2018 Update – Entry Fees

The WDGC OC Chair, Paul Ryder, provided an update to WDGF Members on the Entry Fees for golfers in all categories.  The information on entry fees and forms are posted on the WDGC 2018 website. Entry forms Details of Golfers Fee Package [su_document url="https://worlddeafgolf.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/12/171221... More