WDGC Statistics – Overall – Senior Men

The purpose of the statistics is to demonstrate WDGC in terms of average scores and how many times scores were shot in 70’s, 80’s, and et al.  As well, the statistics will demonstrate the number of registered players and how many has completed the full tournament at each WDGC.

By Round, Average Scores

WDGC 200496.296.396.196.8385.3**HCP Rule enforced
WDGC 200696.894.696.895.7383.8
WDGC 2008100.998.9100.2100.4400.4
WDGC 201092.394.592.896.4375.9
WDGC 201290.590.688.491.5360.9
WDGC 201488.888.088.385.6350.8
WDGC 201694.492.795.094.6376.7European Golf Tour was hosted at this course.

By Scores, Statistics

WDGC# of 70's# of 80's# of 90's# of 100'sPar 72 or belowNotes
WDGC 20040630120**HCP Rule enforced
WDGC 200622029240
WDGC 200801217270
WDGC 201022233190
WDGC 20122423590
WDGC 201413554840
WDGC 201633149330European Golf Tour was hosted at this course.

By Players

WDGCAvg Total Score# of Players Completed TourneyWD, DNF, or DSQTotal # of Players RegisteredNotes
WDGC 2004385.312012**HCP Rule enforced
WDGC 2006383.820121
WDGC 2008400.414115
WDGC 2010375.919322
WDGC 2012360.922022
WDGC 2014350.830131
WDGC 2016376.729534European Golf Tour was hosted at this course.