WDGC Statistics – Overall – Women

The purpose of the statistics is to demonstrate WDGC in terms of average scores and how many times scores were shot in 70’s, 80’s, and et al.  As well, the statistics will demonstrate the number of registered players and how many has completed the full tournament at each WDGC.

By Round, Average Scores

WDGC 2002122107.3107.5108.2430.7
WDGC 200494.495.293.192.7375.3**HCP Rule enforced
WDGC 200698.996.996.5101.6394.0
WDGC 2008106.1103.9102.3106.7419.1
WDGC 201096.797.9101.598.2394.3
WDGC 201297.5102.1100.4100.5400.5
WDGC 201489.589.992.188.7360.1
WDGC 201699.198.398.799.8395.9The course was hosted for European Golf Tour.

By Scores, Statistics

WDGC# of 70's# of 80's# of 90's# of 100'sPar 72 or belowNotes
WDGC 20020510290
WDGC 200421621130**HCP Rule enforced
WDGC 20060915200
WDGC 20080816400
WDGC 20100531200
WDGC 20121918280
WDGC 20148202841
WDGC 201601413210European Golf Tour style

By Players

WDGCAverage Score# of Players Completed TourneyWD, DNF, or DSQTotal # of PlayersNotes
WDGC 2002430.711112
WDGC 2004375.313013**HCP Rule enforced
WDGC 2006394.011011
WDGC 2008419.116117
WDGC 2010394.314115
WDGC 2012400.514115
WDGC 2014360.115116
WDGC 2016395.912113European Golf Tour was hosted at this course.