Farewell Messages from Outgoing Directors

Farewell Messages from Outgoing Directors

Farewell Messages from Outgoing Directors

While the WDGF Board of Directors have new acquired three new Directors on July 21st, the membership and the continuing Board members will miss their colleagues: Anders Hillding, Arne Lundquist, and Ole Artmann as they have retired their voluntary roles on the same day.

All of the outgoing Board members have shared their farewell messages with fond memories of their involvement with WDGF.

Arne’s Message to the WDGF Board colleagues – with Arne’s permission

Farewell Messages from Outgoing Board Members from WDGF board on Vimeo.

WDGF President Simeon Hart noted that all three outgoing directors were valuable members of the WDGF Board over numerous of years and are irreplaceable.  Vice President Don Conway, WDGC TD Gavin Balharrie, and Secretary Arista Haas have shared sentimentally that Arne, Anders, and Ole will be missed and are always a part of the WDGF family.

About WDGF

The WDGF is a non-profit organisation aiming to promote the sport of golf among deaf and hard of hearing golfers in the world and to oversee the World Deaf Golf Championships. The biennial World Deaf Golf Championships is awarded to and hosted by a member country with the support of WDGF members. Deaf Golf Ireland (DGI) was awarded the winning bid of WDGC 2018 at the WDGF General Meeting in 2014.