WDGF Board Elected for 2018-2022 Term

WDGF Board Elected for 2018-2022 Term

WDGF Board Elected for 2018-2022 Term

The WDGF held its quadrennial election during the 2018 Biennial General Meeting at the Carton House, Maynoonth, Ireland on July 21, 2018. The new term for the Board is from 2018 to 2022. For the first time in 12 years, the Board of Directors is undergoing a major change in the composition. Three of seven Directors have decided to step down after numerous years of strong contribution in their respective positions:

– Arne Lundquist (SWE), 23 years, President (2006-2014) & Director (1995-2006 & 2014-2018)
– Ole Artmann (DEN), 12 years, Treasurer (2006-2018)
– Anders Hillding (SWE), 12 years, Secretary (2006-2014) & WDGC TD (2014-2018)

Six nominations were received by Secretary Gavin Balharrie on time, prior to deadline and six individuals were elected unanimously by the membership:

President, 1 nomination: Simeon Hart (ENG)
Vice President, 1 nomination: Don Conway (IRE)
Secretary, 1 nomination: Arista Haas (CAN)
Treasurer, 1 nomination: Joachim Thor Kroyer (DEN)
Director #1: Gavin Balharrie (AUS)
Director #2: David Barber (FIN)
Director #3: Vacant

Two other nominations were received after the deadline. A decision was made to allow two late submissions stand for the election of the 7th and final position, Director #3, of the Board:

Director #3: Darrell Hovinen (USA) & Stephanie Lotz (RSA)

Darrell Hovinen was elected by ballot, 7-4.

The outgoing WDGF Board would like to thank Dana McCarthy of Canada for his contribution as an electoral officer to facilitate the vote of 4 Executive positions (President to Treasurer). The election of the three Director positions was facilitated by President Simeon Hart.

Furthermore, the continuing colleagues wish Arne, Ole, and Anders enjoy a new chapter of their lives after their voluntary work with the WDGF.   All three outgoing Directors will be always a part of the WDGF family.

Simeon Hart, Arista Haas, Joachim Kroyer, and Don Conway
David Barber and Gavin Balharrie
Darrell Hovinen

About WDGF

The WDGF is a non-profit organisation aiming to promote the sport of golf among deaf and hard of hearing golfers in the world and to oversee the World Deaf Golf Championships. The biennial World Deaf Golf Championships is awarded to and hosted by a member country with the support of WDGF members. Deaf Golf Ireland (DGI) was awarded the winning bid of WDGC 2018 at the WDGF General Meeting in 2014.